What Your Wedding Photographer needs from You!

Wedding photos are probably one of the most important components of your big day. In the weeks, leading up to the wedding day, there are so many final touches and loose ends that are being tied up in pretty little bows, that you can forget a few things. You almost forget about the importance of making that "Must Have Shot List."

We chatted with Amy from Amy Bailey Photography, to find out what your wedding photography needs from you to make sure those favourite shots are captured. That way you'll be able to relax and enjoy your big day to it's fullest!

What camera do you shoot with?

A Canon 5D Mark II, but I’m about to upgrade so that I can use two camera’s during weddings so that I don’t have to worry about changing lenses, and as a backup.

What is a “Must take Shot” list and what should be included?

Not all photographers ask for a “Must take shot’ list. This will really encompass things that your photographer should already be capturing, but it might surprise them what you feel is really important. Things like detail shots of your jewelry and shoes, and the first kiss will be standard, but you need to let your photographer know that you have had a special bottle of wine your father has been saving since your birth or any other special details you have taken care to include in your day. Please remember that your photographer will do their best, but some shots may not be possible unless you have chosen to have a second shooter/photographer, they can only be in one place at a time and have the opportunity to take them. It really helps if you have already put out your something old and something new, as well as your perfume and copies of your invitations.

What is a Family Photo list and what should be included?

Your photographer will usually ask you for a list of group shots you would like after your ceremony, and who you want in them. The photographer will usually have this list on them, but you need to give the list to either your emcee or delegate someone who knows your family and can round them up –your photographer won’t know who they are! Allow for about 30 minutes for these family photos, and don’t go too crazy with different combinations!

What’s the difference between a Family Photo and Must have list?

They are both lists of the shots you want on the day, but the family list should be seperate because those photos happen at a specific time, and you want that done as efficiently as possible so that it doesn’t keep you from enjoying your day, or from eating into your location photos.

When should your bride/Groom start working on these lists?

Your photographer should have them two weeks before your wedding, as well as a run sheet/schedule of the day. While you are planning the wedding and pouring through magazines/ Pinterest/ Instagram, save pictures you like as you go, and share them with your photographer closer to your day!

How long does it take to shoot these particular shots?

This will really depend on how long your list is, as well as when you have arranged for your photographer to arrive. This will depend on the package you have purchased. Sometimes photographers may need to rearrange furniture to get the best light. Something also to remember is to allow time once dressed to have portraits taken of you and your bridesmaids and your parents, this is a special time, and it can often be a rush to get to the ceremony.

Are having photographs of the décor, dessert table and candid shots quite important?

I think they are! You have spent so much time choosing these, often at a great expense, that you really want to remember them. The couple is usually so busy trying to talk to their guests that they barely remember what they ate, and how things looked.

Any advice to future brides?

I definitely recommend making sure there is a second photographer, and also trying not to fit too much in –the day is crazy enough already. Giving yourself time will help you relax and enjoy the day –it will go fast enough! If your photographer asks to steal you away for 10 minutes for ‘golden hour’ or sunset shots, do it! And enjoy the moment with your husband!