Q&A with Twelve Tables- Marquee Weddings

Space, that’s all you really need for a marquee wedding and the dream to think outside the box and create a one of a kind wedding. This can be achieved anywhere, even in your own backyard. Over the last few years, marquee weddings have grown in popularity and have that little something extra to offer, allowing for stunning coastal or country views all while utilizing the outdoors. You may have a favourite spot that holds memories. Perhaps somewhere you visited on your first date or a vacation hot spot. There are also lots of established wedding venues that allow for marquees to be set up.

We chatted to a few industry professionals and learnt what they had to say on the latest marquee trends. Here's what experts Sara and Jean from  Twelve Tables  had to say. 


What is the best part about having a Pop-up wedding?

Twelve Tables: You can create your wedding based on your style. You’re also not dictated by a venue’s “rules”. No curfews, choose the food and drinks that you love and party until 4 am.

How big are your marquees? What is the maximum number of guests? Do they take long to set up? 

Twelve Tables:  We can cater anywhere between 20- 300 guests. Depending on the size of Marquee of course, but typically it takes 5-6 staff between 4-7 hours.


How long should you book in advance? 

Twelve Tables: If you are looking to get married in the “busy season” we suggest booking 9-12 months in advance for both our furniture and Clear Marquees. Get in touch for a personalized quote. We are based in the Bay Of Plenty, but travel throughout the North Island (and South Island either side of the “summer season”).

What is the coolest thing you have ever seen in one of your Clear Marquees?

Twelve Tables: Dancing under the stars is a pretty unbeatable experience that creates spectacular memories for our couples and their guests. Having a Clear Marquee, our couples experience the surroundings they have chosen to get married in, sometimes that might be enjoying the rain! Because we can set up almost anywhere, we’ve also had couples incorporate trees into their marquee/styling.


What is the one thing most couples don’t think about when planning a pop-up wedding? 

Twelve Tables: It takes a lot of people to “pull off” an amazing wedding, so make sure you’ve got vendors you can trust. The right vendors will ensure all the “little things” don’t get forgotten. Also, delegate! Friends and family do (generally) love to help! There will be things to organize on the day of your wedding, but that doesn’t have to be done by you! A wedding planner or a friend can help ensure the day runs to plan, so you don’t have to worry about anything but having a wonderful time.


Do you need council consent to have a pop-up wedding? How does the council consent work?

Twelve Tables: Every region has different regulations, but we’re always happy to help and discuss options with our couples.


What gave you the inspiration to leap into such a rad business?

Twelve Tables: When planning our own wedding. We wanted to have an outdoor wedding without the stress of bad weather, so the Clear Marquee was the obvious choice. We also wanted beautiful furniture that we didn’t have to hide with tablecloths. We love wood with steel, and with Jean’s furniture making passion, we decided to build our own. 

What is the main goal of having a Marque-weather protection, style/theme? 

Twelve Tables: Marquees give couples the luxury of having their wedding in a location that is meaningful to them without the stress of weather. It’s often a beautiful setting, and with Twelve Tables Clear Marquees, you can enjoy your surroundings you have chosen.  


What is one last piece of advice you can you give to couples considering hiring a marquee?

Twelve Tables: Your wedding day is all about the little things that help create the special memories. It might be handmade favours, espresso martinis or dancing under the stars that your guests remember. A marquee wedding allows you to create those moments that will become memories. Although hiring a marquee may be more “work” than you anticipated, you won’t regret saying your vows in a place that means a lot to you. There really is no place like home.



Thanks again Sara & Jean for all your insight and stunning marquees! To find out more information on why a marquee would be the perfect place to host your wedding reception, contact Sara & Jean at Twelve Tables


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